High efficient feed rubbing crusher



The utility model discloses a high efficient feed rubbing crusher, including crusher body, crusher body's top is equipped with the pan feeding mouth, crusher body's bottom fixedly connected with supporting leg, crusher body's bottom is equipped with the discharge gate, the below of discharge gate is equipped with fodder collection basket, crusher body's left side fixedly connected with operation panel, crusher body's front is equipped with first transparent plate and second transparent plate, first transparent plate is located the downside of second transparent plate. The utility model discloses a setting up first crushing room and second and smashing the room, come to carry out a lot of to the fodder through first crushing room and the crushing indoor first crushing sword of second, the crushing sword of second and the crushing sword of third and smash, come to filter the fodder after smashing through first screen cloth and second screen cloth, the kibbling big or small shape of messenger's fodder is equal, has reached the kibbling effect of high efficiency to the effectual feed machine that has solved smashes inhomogeneous insufficient problem.




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