Children's pillow of height -adjustable



The utility model discloses a children's pillow of height -adjustable, including the pillowcase, the pillowcase has from top to bottom set gradually pillow placing chamber and high adjusting module placing chamber, is provided with pillow and high adjusting module in the pillow placing chamber and in the high adjusting module placing chamber respectively, the top surface middle part of pillow is provided with head positioning groove, be provided with a plurality of ventilative through -holes in the head positioning groove, head positioning groove's downside is provided with the ventilative groove of many necks, head positioning groove's left side or right side are provided with temperature alarm module. The utility model provides a height of pillow can conveniently be adjusted to children's pillow according to children's different age brackets, the pillow has good gas permeability moreover, can effectively improve children's sleep quality and effectively reduce breeding of the pillow harmful substance of department, in addition, pillow department is provided with temperature alarm module, can send out the police dispatch number of notifying during the high temperature of pillow department when children sleep.




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