Art design theory information demonstration board



The utility model provides an art design theory information demonstration board, belongs to art design show equipment technical field, including PMKD, fixed thread gluing, stationary mast, fixed slot, activity spool, locking device, activity stretching strap, and its characterized in that: the fixed thread gluing of the fixedly connected with of department in the middle of the right hand edge of top surface before the PMKD, top surface right hand edge fixedly connected with stationary mast before the PMKD, right side edge evenly distributed in top surface is equipped with a plurality of fixed slot, every before the stationary mast be equipped with locking device, every in the draw -in groove in the middle of the place ahead edge of subordinate top surface inside each the fixed cartridge of fixed slot has movable spool, every each cartridge of department has a movable stretching strap in the middle of the activity spool side top surface, and can be the at any time quick answer with the problem of teacher is showed out to can reduce the preparation work of teacher before giving lessons.




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