Civilian automatic door lock electromagnetic means



The utility model relates to a civilian automatic door lock electromagnetic means, including lower cover, movable core, fixed iron core, solenoid and iron pipe, external lead wire on the solenoid, the iron pipe is the cylinder, the solenoid is placed in the iron pipe, under cover and install fixed iron core, fixed iron core be located place in in the solenoid and fix through the lower cover the iron pipe lower part, the thread head is installed on iron pipe upper portion, install on the thread head and be used for locking dead nut with the mount, movable core inserts the solenoid from the upper portion of iron pipe in, the one end of just not inserting the solenoid is provided with the separation blade, the last spring of still installing of movable core. The utility model discloses can improve the sensitivity, realize the automatic switch of automatically -controlled door in the short time.




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