Whirl H type current drainage pipe fitting



The utility model relates to a whirl H type current drainage pipe fitting, including drain pipe, breather pipe and connecting pipe, the connecting pipe is run -on water pipe and breather pipe respectively, is equipped with an at least guiding subassembly in the drain pipe, and the breather pipe is a hollow tube, the guiding subassembly includes a circular sheet structure, and circular sheet structure middle zone has a circular through -hole, a plurality of positive water conservancy diversion pieces have been arranged on the front of circular sheet structure, these a plurality of positive water conservancy diversion pieces outwards are radiation along the circumference of circular sheet structure by the center in the front of circular sheet structure and arrange, the positive relative radial of water conservancy diversion piece to the southeast of circular sheet structure to or the first angle of northwest direction skew, so that getting into this guiding subassembly, water forms the whirl, the water of guiding subassembly gets into the breather pipe in the prevention entering drain pipe, thereby it is isolated with the aqueous phase that gets into the guiding subassembly in the drain pipe to make the air duct of breather pipe, guarantee the mutual noninterference of rivers and air current. The utility model discloses simple structure, low cost guarantee that drainage can be improved by a wide margin.




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