Biomass energy source anaerobic fermentation tank



The utility model provides a biomass energy source anaerobic fermentation tank belongs to anaerobic fermentation technical field, include: the partition dish is located between first fixed disk and the second fixed disk, partition dish and first fixed disk or partition dish and second fixed disk constitute an independent anaerobism space, hollow connecting rod passes partition dish and one end and first fixed disk fixed connection, the other end and second fixed disk fixed connection, first fixed disk is passed in proper order to lead screw one end and the partition dish just is connected with the rotation of second fixed disk, the output shaft of the lead screw other end and first motor, pivot one end and second fixed disk fixed connection, the output shaft of the pivot other end and second motor, it is equipped with screw -nut all to overlap on the lead screw in every anaerobism space, the last agitator disk that has cup jointed of screw -nut. This fermentation cylinder simple structure, dual -stirring is abundant to material circulation, has improved the efficiency of fermentation, and the cover door through the glass material can carry out real time monitoring to the stirring condition, guarantees the safe in utilization of fermentation cylinder.




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