Show box that theftproof was reminded



The utility model discloses a show box that theftproof was reminded, including box body and lid, box body and lid pass through limiting spindle and connect, be provided with battery and luminous means on the lid, be provided with switch portion between battery and the luminous means, switch portion sets up inside the lid, switch portion includes first flexure strip and second flexure strip, first flexure strip sets up in the mount pad with second flexure strip butt, be provided with the socket on the mount pad, be provided with in the box body and place the base, it is provided with the show product on the base to place, be provided with the bandage on the show product, be provided with the inserted sheet on the bandage, the inserted sheet inserts the socket and sets up between first flexure strip and second flexure strip, the inserted sheet is insulating material, luminous means includes white light LED and ruddiness LED, white light LED sets up inside the lid, ruddiness LED sets up on the lid surface. The utility model discloses can play good warning theftproof effect to have supplementary light, do benefit to the customer and choose.




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