A adjustable filtering systems for white residue



The utility model discloses an adjustable filtering systems for white residue, including two shroudings, two shroudings become all around the open -ended frame through high piece fixed connection such as a plurality of, are provided with a flat board on the opening of frame bottom, and an arc is connected to dull and stereotyped one end, still includes an air nozzle, the air nozzle passes through pipe connection to high pressure gasholder, still includes one and dull and stereotyped mating material conveyer belt. The utility model discloses high -pressure gas sprays fast and goes out from the air nozzle, and kibbling slay blows off from dull and stereotyped level to enter into the crooked track that arc restriction formed, through 3 to 4 times smash and select separately the back, can obtain the white residue and heavily measure about 30% comparatively net silicon, obtain about 40% comparatively net sediments, remaining about 30% white residue mixture powder, setting up of tripper can form a tractor serves several purposes.




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