Atomizing cup of adjustable atomizing granule size



The utility model discloses an atomizing cup of adjustable atomizing granule size, it includes that cup and clearance fit just have the bowl cover of inlet port on the cup, and the bottom of this cup is upwards extended a toper and is become the nozzle, forms out the medicine mouth on the upper portion of the relative nozzle in one side of cup in addition, and this nozzle is connected with the air feed pump of the outside of cup, it includes still that a cover is placed in on the nozzle and relative nozzle is realized the cover and is put the saveall of position change. Put the selection that the regional size of nozzle realized control atomizing granule size through adjusting the saveall cover to nearly adjust the size of atomizing cup play fog granule, the accuracy is suitable for the selection of different patient's demands of using medicine, increases the application scope of atomizing cup, makes its service function abundanter, and the treatment function is more accurate.




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