Capacitor housing



The utility model provides a capacitor housing, it includes the open cylindrical casing in upper end, and the internal side of circular cylindrical shell bottom is equipped with the boss, and the boss is the round platform shape that the thin lower extreme in upper end is thick, the internal side of circular cylindrical shell bottom is equipped with the bar arch, and the bellied cross section of bar is the rectangle, and the circular arc has been seted up to bar arch upper end, the external wall of circular cylindrical shell is equipped with the supporting seat, and the supporting seat includes two parallel arrangement's backup pad and bottom plate, and the outer wall of cylindrical casing is connected to the backup pad, is equipped with the bottom plate between two backup pads, the supporting seat is total two, two supporting seat dislocation set, and the lower terminal surface of two bottom plates lies in the coplanar. The utility model discloses capacitor housing, simple structure, simple to operate is swift, low in manufacturing cost, location effect is good in the installation, and during operation stability is good, long service life.




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