System for control aircraft every single move, turn on one's side, yaw



The utility model provides a system for control aircraft every single move, turn on one's side, yaw which the ahead of elevator (1) articulates in the notch at wing trailing edge middle part, is equipped with along long and thin breach (2) of centre -line of aircraft in the front portion of this elevator (1) or all and wing trailing edge, be equipped with in this breach (2) with wing fixed connection, drag iron (3) that are located plane of symmetry of aircraft and extend to aircraft top and below, upper portion and lower part behind this drag iron (3) articulate one direction aileron (4) respectively, leave the notch of elevator (1) luffing motion between two direction aileron (4). The utility model has the advantages that: only use three actuator alright whole three -axis control in order to realize the airborne vehicle. Airborne vehicle to the mixed wing body of the all -wing aircraft of vertical take -off and landing and low aspect ratio, the utility model discloses especially, has the value.




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