Flange shape processing cutter of car transmission shaft connector



The utility model discloses a flange shape processing cutter of car transmission shaft connector, including the cutter body, the lower part of cutter body is the crosswise, is equipped with left cutter fixed ribe, right cutter fixed ribe, preceding cutter fixed ribe, back cutter fixed ribe on it, left side cutter fixed ribe's the back is equipped with left I cutter and left III cutter, left side III cutter is located the right side below of left I cutter, right side cutter fixed ribe's preceding right I cutter and the right III cutter of being equipped with, preceding cutter fixed ribe's left surface is equipped with preceding II cutter and preceding IV cutter, back cutter fixed ribe's right flank is equipped with back II cutter and back IV cutter. The utility model discloses structural design is compact reasonable, and the rigidity is strong, and machining efficiency is high, can use commercially available conventional blade with the shaping of multistage hole one -step refining, conveniently gains, changes swiftly, and economy is suitable for.




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