Drink water circulation treatment device



The utility model discloses a drink water circulation treatment device, including purifying box and rose box, the positive surface mounting of purifying box has tap, and tap installs the rose box of fixing at the purifying box lateral wall under, the sunken platform that catchments is seted up to the upper surface of rose box, and catchments the water inlet pipe at water seepage opening and the fixed mounting filter equipment top bottom filter tank chamber of platform and be connected. Through be equipped with filter equipment in the rose box, can once filter the waste water of collecting to recycle fully, through the cooperation that is equipped with purifier and suction pump in the purifying box, can filter waste water and the groundwater of collecting once more to detach the harmful substance of aquatic, through mutually supporting of the adjustment handle that is equipped with and three -way valve, can reach groundwater and carry out independent filtration with waste water to waste water after preventing filtering mixes with groundwater.




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