Air storage formula compressed air foam fire -extinguishing device



The utility model belongs to the technical field of the fire -fighting equipment is used, specifically disclose an air storage formula compressed air foam fire -extinguishing device, by the bottom plate, and set up a plurality of locating hole on the bottom plate, and set up the hybrid module on the bottom plate, and the water storage component who sets up in the hybrid module both sides, foam memory module constitute. The utility model discloses an air storage formula compressed air foam fire -extinguishing device's beneficial effect lies in: 1, its project organization is reasonable, the stock solution volume is big, mixes liquid efficiency when putting out a fire the operation well just evenly, and then improves the quality of putting out a fire, has also solved go out water hose nipple and the problem of liquid outlet for fixed connection, and application scope extensively, 2, its explosion -proof can be excellent, application safety factor is high, and operation safety, stability are guaranteed to put out a fire by state that can the internal portion of two jars of in situ observation.




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