Device is improved to pressure head function



The utility model discloses a device is improved to pressure head function, it includes horizontal stand, support, a plurality of weld assembly, intermediate lever, first curb plate and second curb plate, the support sets up in the horizontal stand both sides, side on the horizontal stand is installed to a plurality of weld assemblies, intermediate lever, first curb plate and second curb plate, a plurality of weld assemblies fall into two rows and set up both sides around the intermediate lever respectively, first curb plate and second curb plate support respectively on the left side and the right side of intermediate lever, wherein each weld assembly including the fixed plate that is fixed in the horizontal stand, connect link on the fixed plate, install the driving motor on the link and connect the pressure head on the link, be equipped with the pivot on the link, the pressure head is equipped with the rotation shaft hole that is used for the pivot to pass, the pressure head can about shaft rotation. The pressure head changes ability rotate around the pin roll into by original direct the pressure, and the product of laminating in tight pressing process improves compressing tightly the effect betterly.




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