Solar photovoltaic module mounting bracket



The utility model discloses a solar photovoltaic module mounting bracket, include that a plurality of support chassis that arrange along the lateral separation are in with the connection a plurality of purlins on a plurality of support chassis, a plurality of purlins were arranged along vertical mutual separating, wherein, support chassis includes parastyle, rear pillar and connection the sloping of parastyle and rear pillar, the rear pillar with still be connected with a bracing between the sloping, wherein, a plurality of purlins of arranging in the interval are including being located two the most marginal limit purlins and being located the middle purlin between two limit purlins, the main part upper end of limit purlin only is provided with an edge of a wing for support the photovoltaic module of delegation, the main part upper end of middle purlin is provided with two edges of a wing for support photovoltaic module two lines adjacent. Photovoltaic module installing support simple structure, the installation is convenient, is favorable to accelerating construction speed, raises the efficiency.




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