Water injection well choke life test equipment



The utility model discloses a water injection well choke life test equipment, including frame, slewing mechanism, pulling mechanism and controller, the frame includes first support and second support, is connected with first mounting panel on the first support for fixed slewing mechanism, be connected with the second mounting panel on the second support for fixed water mouth, its horizontal position on the second support is adjustable, slewing mechanism with connect through a drive assembly between the pulling mechanism, pulling mechanism's output has connected gradually universal joint and holder, and the holder sets up the type into " C ", and the lower part at least respectively is equipped with the through -hole of 3 correspondences on its opening, the opening centre gripping water mouth handle of holder is in through the lock screw lock solid in the through -hole, realize the fixed water mouth handle, the controller includes light sensor for detect the position of first shaft coupling. The utility model discloses the water injection well choke of adaptable different specifications, the commonality is good.




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