Rupture membrane installs protection device



The utility model provides a rupture membrane installs protection device, it includes holder, rupture membrane, first gasket, second gasket and third gasket, rupture membrane presss from both sides and locates between first gasket and the second gasket, the holder clamp is located between second gasket and the third gasket. Compared with the prior art, the utility model discloses a rupture membrane centre gripping technique, gone on improving on probationly on electrical tar precipitator rupture membrane mounting structure, the discovery effect is very ideal, rupture membrane is through the fixed back of its holder that self matches, together by the centre gripping between flange of the equipment, the arch face of rupture membrane's salient is installed in the holder, make rupture membrane and holder become one, rupture membrane's arch inner wall will can not touch any equipment during the installation, consequently, can effectively avoid the rupture membrane who causes because of the installation to damage, a large amount of maintenance time is shortened, a large amount of manpower and materials have also been practiced thrift.




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