Rigid hanger connection structure and bridge structures



The utility model relates to a building engineering field discloses a rigid hanger connection structure and bridge structures, and wherein connection structure includes the rigid hanger, still includes the first connecting portion of being connected with the top of rigid hanger to and the second connecting portion of being connected with the bottom of rigid hanger, be connected through ball friction coupling between jib and first connecting portion and/or the second connecting portion. The utility model discloses a hinge assembly has realized jib and the rotation between the bridge structures with spherical hinge assembly and has been connected, has avoided the inside concrete cracking's of jib that the short steeve slope caused phenomenon, helps prolonging the life of bridge, simultaneously the link of jib is located arch rib lower part and bridge floor upper portion respectively, is in the sight in one's power within the scope, convenient maintenance to the blind area that can eliminate the maintenance has promoted the security of bridge greatly, the jib can be prefabricated through the mill, can enough guarantee construction quality, can reduce the time of site operation again, helps the reduction of erection time, boost efficiency.




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