Rural circulation product wholesale professional equipment



The utility model provides a rural circulation product wholesale professional equipment, including bottom plate, the room of refrigerating, walk -in, refrigerator, compressor, air inlet, fixed knot, umbrella face, umbrella stick, cavity frame, locating hole, plate body and fixed orifices, the refrigerator is installed at indoor the left side terminal surface that refrigerate, and the compressor assembles at indoor right side terminal surface of refrigeration, and the air inlet is processed at walk -in left end face, and this design has realized the utility model discloses refrigerated food 's function, umbrella stick are installed at the cavity frame insidely, and fixed spiral -lock is joined in marriage at cavity frame left end face, and the assembly of umbrella face is in the umbrella stick upper end, and this design can hide rain for user of service, fixed orifices assembly terminal surface right side before the bottom plate, and locating hole assembly terminal surface before the plate body should make in the design the utility model discloses a bottom plate has the regulatory function, the utility model discloses convenient to use, the operation of being convenient for, the function is comprehensive, and the practicality is strong.




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