Heated board production in winter is with device that improves adhesive strength



The utility model discloses a heated board production in winter is with device that improves adhesive strength, which comprises a fixed base, the side of fixing base is equipped with two parallel arrangement's first guide rail, side adjacent between the first guide rail all is equipped with first spout, be equipped with first push pedal between the first guide rail, the both ends of first push pedal are located the inside of the first spout on the first guide rail respectively, the side of first push pedal is equipped with first push rod, the one end that first push pedal was kept away from to first push rod is equipped with first briquetting, first briquetting includes first rectangle piece and first toper piece, the one end of first rectangle piece is equipped with first toper piece, and first rectangle piece lies in one side of big terminal surface on the first toper piece, first rectangle piece is an overall structure with first toper piece, the top of first guide rail is equipped with two parallel arrangement's second guide rail. The utility model discloses adhesive linkage compressed and pressurize are stereotyped, and adhesive effect is strengthened greatly, and the quality is very reliable, can adjust the two -layer adhesive strength of pasting between the layer simultaneously.




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