Last auxiliary fixture who installs condenser of reation kettle



The utility model discloses a reaction kettle on install condenser auxiliary fixture, solved since the length of condenser than longer, with its vertical fixed connection on reation kettle, rock problem stable inadequately in the installation easily, its technical scheme main points are: through first, set up the support frame around the second material pipe, set up the round hole and be connected with the hollow cylinder in the upper end of support frame, can be with top vertical put into of condenser from the hollow cylinder, the round hole can separate the lower extreme that keeps off the condenser and play supplementary supporting role, set up the spiral helicine and evenly distributed's of vertical direction screw on the hollow cylinder, set up the swivel nut with bolt threaded connection on bolt and screw threaded connection and the condenser, through drive bolt and swivel nut screw -thread fit, just can assist fixedly to the condenser in the installation.




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