Many parameter measurement of grass family crop chi of short stem



The utility model discloses a many parameter measurement of grass family crop chi of short stem, it comprises upper and lower two sections telescopic links, the scaled chi of telescopic link surface upper band. Going up the telescopic link and being straw height measurement chi, lower telescopic link is root system length measurement chi, and straw height measurement chi and root system length measurement chi lead to benchmark seat interconnect, are fixed with a measuring tape on the lateral wall of benchmark seat. The bottom of root system length measurement chi is equipped with one section ground and inserts the cone. Have a sliding sleeve on the straw height measurement chi, the blade length dipperstick passes through the hinge to be fixed on the sliding sleeve. The protractor is equipped with on the hinge. The cover has the rectangle sliding sleeve on the blade length dipperstick, and be equipped with along water graphic settings's blade width measure chi through the hinge at rectangle sliding sleeve top. The beneficial effects of the utility model are that: this dipperstick can carry out the simultaneous measurement to the multiple parameter of grass family crop of short stem simultaneously. A great deal of advantage that has easy operation convenient to carry.




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