Drying unit



The utility model discloses a drying unit, include: the sealed drying cabinet that sets up, be used for to channel into the hot -blast devices for heating air that leads in the drying cabinet, the air outlet of leading devices for heating air with the air intake intercommunication of drying cabinet, the air intake of leading devices for heating air with the air outlet intercommunication of drying cabinet, be used for absorbing the water trap of hydrone in the air outlet outflow wind of drying cabinet. In this drying unit, at first seal the drying, can avoid the material in the drying cabinet contaminated effectively. And adopt the circulating ventilation and the water trap that lead devices for heating air to carry out the dewatering, and not only can guarantee drying rate, can also pass through the weight of the absorptive water of water trap, can directly obtain the material normal water divides content, and heat conduction system seals in addition, is favorable to avoiding the material to scatter and disappear in the air, so this drying unit can the effectual very difficult measuring problem of solving after the coal sample drying of moisture emission quantity.




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