Multifunctional intracranial hematoma removing device



The invention relates to a multifunctional intracranial hematoma removing device, and belongs to the technical field of intracranial hematoma removing medical apparatuses. The multifunctional intracranial hematoma removing device is formed by a device body, a guiding rod and a visible device. A water injection pipe, a medicine injection pipe and two drainage liquid sucking pipes are manufactured in the cylindrical wall of the device body, and the four pipes are evenly distributed on the circumference of the device body at 90 degrees; slant injection holes and a center through hole are manufactured in the bottom of the device body, and two lighting devices are installed. After the guiding rod is drawn out of the device body, the visible device connected with a computer terminal can be installed in a cylinder. According to the multifunctional intracranial hematoma removing device, the multiple functions of sludged blood smashing, blood sucking, flushing draining, medicine injection and lighting are integrated, a hematoma removing operation can be completed with one device, the intracranial pressure can be effectively reduced, and the operation time is short. The problems that an existing minimally-invasive removing device is single in function and long in operation time, and does not have the lighting function, brain blood vessel lesions cannot be found in the early stage, and disease future trouble of a patient is left are solved.




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