Method for resource treatment on dead poultry and livestock



The invention discloses a method for resource treatment on dead poultry and livestock, and belongs to the technical field of environment protection. The method comprises the following steps of enabling plant ash to provide potassium element, and the dead poultry and livestock to provide nitrogen and phosphor elements, and degrading under the action of probiotics in yogurt, so as to obtain a biological fertilizer; aerating and degrading the waste liquid produced by fermenting through active sludge, and discharging after reaching standard, wherein the precipitate produced in the treatment process contains rich nutrients and can be used as flower culture soil. The method for resource treatment has the advantages that the potential value of the dead poultry and livestock is realized, the secondary pollution to environments by the treatment process is avoided, the secondary treatment is not needed, the time is shortened, the energy is saved, and the application prospect is broad.




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