Safe field communication system



The invention relates to a safe field communication system. The safe field communication system comprises a casing and a case cover hinged to the casing, and is characterized in that the casing is internally provided with a control console, the surface of the control console is fixedly provided with a touch control display screen, a compass, a loudspeaker, multiple USB interfaces, multiple voice interfaces, a switch group and a storage groove, an antenna is rotationally arranged on the surface of the control console, the bottom of the control console is provided with a broadcast communication unit, a microprocessor, a memory, a storage battery, a charge and discharge circuit module, a signal amplifier, a GPRS communication module and a positioning module, and the control console is provided with an audible-visual annunciator. The system has the following advantages: the audible-visual annunciator and the positioning module are arranged, and the practicality is high; and the system has diversified functions such as broadcast communication, GPRS communication, biochemical induction, multimedia and the like, can satisfy many demands of users, provides convenience for various field operation, through cooperation between the signal amplifier and the antenna, can enhance signals, and facilitates communication.




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