Angiogenic agonist polypeptide and application thereof



The invention relates to the field of medicine, in particular to an angiogenic agonist polypeptide, capable of treating ischemic diseases. The angiogenic agonist polypeptide is characterized in that a sequence of the polypeptide is a novel sequence having the effect of promoting angiogenesis. The angiogenic agonist polypeptide is useful in ischemic stroke. The invention has the advantages that the sequence is a novel small-molecular polypeptide with angiogenic activity screened from GPR124 cell membrane surface receptor sequence protein, the polypeptide sequence can specifically bind with integrin and has the function of adjusting adhesion and migration of cells during angiogenesis so as to treat ischemic diseases, and the angiogenic agonist polypeptide has potential value in the development of new drugs.




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