Mine WSN safety monitoring system based on wind-induced vibration piezoelectric energy self-energizing



The invention discloses a mine WSN safety monitoring system based on wind-induced vibration piezoelectric energy self-energizing. The mine WSN safety monitoring system comprises a control center, a communication base station, an SINK node and a monitoring terminal which are connected in turn. The monitoring terminal comprises a sensor unit, an energy supply unit, a first processor unit and a first communication unit. The energy supply unit comprises a wind-induced vibration generator module and an energy management module. A wireless sensing technology is adopted with no requirement for laying large number of power supply lines or communication lines so that large amount of capital input and manpower input can be saved, the structure is simple, the information acquisition surface is wide, various environment and structure parameters of a mine can be monitored in real time, various data of the mine can be mastered and safety of mine production can be guaranteed. Besides, self-energizing is realized through conversion of wind energy in the mine into electric energy so that the problem of electric energy supply in the wireless sensing technology can be solved, wireless monitoring of the mine can be truly realized, and thus the mine WSN safety monitoring system has great popularization value.




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